Goblin note

This thin parchment still reeks of goblins.


Bring the goods to the north end of the forest. You’ll have to stay on river duty for another fortnight, at least. We’ve lost some troops trying to raid shipments from Stillwater to Frosthome. No one important – all barely trained infantry.
If Lord Caleb has put extra guards on the caravan route to Frosthome, he won’t be able to spare men to track you down. Keep pressure on the ships coming up the Argil River.
We have been sending goblins into the eastern part of the forest to prepare a staging area to attack Stillwater – but the goblins keep getting murdered in their sleep. It looks like they are being strangled. One of our orc shamans tells me that it is some kind of living tree. If you find it, kill it. It has killed some sixty-odd goblins already.
When shipments on the Argil slow or stop, set your goblins to work looking for old elven ruins in the forest. I’ve been told there could be some small stores of magic items left in the ruins. Any magic will help, and it will keep your goblin teams from getting lazy.
Well, lazier.

P.D., Faithful of Abadar.


This note was found in the goblinoid camp in the Wild Reach. Nak was likely the hobgoblin caster encountered and slain at the camp, but who or what P.D. is remains unknown.

Goblin note

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