SeanR's Frozen North

Session 10

Reconsidering their decision to reach Frosthome, the group decides to track down the goblin that escaped, believing they can extract information from it. Utilizing both their own skills and the ability of S’sul’s mount, Eisenhorn, to track by scent, the group heads south, back into the open tundra. They travel late into the night but are unable to catch up to the goblin. They decide to rest, using Elam’s rope trick spell to safely sleep for a few hours. Omareth has a vision as he sleeps – he sees a goblin traveling over the tundra. Dark shapes flit about the goblin, and the vision shifts. Now the goblin is riding a dark shape northward. Omareth awakens near daybreak, and advises the group to head northward. He believes the goblin has encountered worgs on the tundra, and that he now rides one north toward the goblin camps, where the mountains fall to foothills and then to nothing.

Cutting across the tunrda to the northwest, the group finds wolf tracks. They track the wolves all day. They are heartened by the discovery of a mostly-eaten caribou carcass along the trail – the wolves had to take the time to hunt and kill the caribou, then eat it. The group is gaining ground.

It is near midnight when Eisenhorn slows, smelling wolf-scent on the wind. The group slows cautiously, but the wolves detect them first. Howls burst out, and the group fights the wolves. While they are able to kill most of the wolves and the worg leader, the goblin flees on wolf-back early in the fight.



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